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March 2017

Wilma and Daisy's performance was certainly enlivening. The children remained engaged and captivated. Their crazy shenanigans had the children giggling and laughing, leaving them in anticipation for their next crazy antic.
Thankyou for a very special performance from everyone at the Little Bloomers Preschool - Frenchs Forest.
Date: 23 March 2017
By: Little Bloomers Preschool Frenchs Forest
March 2017

The show was incredibly engaging, hilarious and received such commendment from our educators that we will be certain to have you back again next year!
The roar of laughter from the children was a wonderful indication of their joy. Our two year olds were totally engaged (and this doesn't happen often)
Thankyou for visiting our service Wilma & Daisy!
P.S The fact that you returned to say goodbye to the children .....heart warming.
Date: 04 March 2017
By: Happy Days Macarthur Square
January 2017

The Gigalees shows are an activity Mildura Central books time and time again. No matter what crazy tricks they are up to, they are guaranteed to bring a huge crowd - the perfect school holiday activity for fun-loving families and energetic kids! Not only do they put on a great show, The Gigalees offer such a hassle-free and easy-going process - a big 10/10!

Thank you :-)
Date: 31 January 2017
By: Lexi @ Mildura Central
October 2016

This was the second time we have had The Gigalees at Tamworth Shoppingworld for our school holiday entertainment. The kids love the interactive entertainment and although it's probably more targeted to younger children, the older kids also have a great time. From a management point of view, The Gigalees are a very professional, self sufficient and are a dream to work with which allows the Centre Management staff to focus on running the shopping centre during the busy school holiday period.
Date: 31 January 2017
By: Donna @ Tamworth Shoppingworld
Students enjoyed the show immensely which was demonstrated through their re-enactments and diary writing.
Date: 28 January 2017
By: Justine Goldrick
teacher, Blacktown West Public School
December 2016

The Gigalees Crazy Circus Show was very entertaining. The children and teachers enjoyed this engaging performance. It was good to get the 'excited' children up to dance throughout as it was a 50 minute performance.
Thank you.
Date: 23 December 2016
By: Dapto Public School
December 2016

The students were very engaged and found the show to be very entertaining and funny.
It was appropriately based at the age range of the students.
Thank you.
Date: 23 December 2016
By: Birrong Public School
December 2016

Children comments;
"It was very funny"
"Wilma was really really silly"
"It was awesome"
"It was very entertaining"
A nice fun way to end the year!
Date: 23 December 2016
By: Blackwell Public School
December 2016

Wilma and Daisy delivered, at Hornsby Library, a hilariously entertaining show full of goofy humour, juggling and music. Wilma and Daisy had their young audience absorbed and in fits of laughter with their side-splitting, high energy act and jokes. Their skilled juggling and acrobatics together with their huge dose of non-stop craziness and Wilma's goofiness makes Gigalees the ideal show for young children.
Date: 06 December 2016
By: Anneta @ Hornsby Library
November 2016

Your show was dynamic, funny and interactive. The children were very engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the show. They especially enjoyed Wilma when she was asleep. The children were practising juggling at break time. Thanks for a great, fun show.
Date: 06 December 2016
By: Hazelbrook Public School

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September 2014 The show was brilliant. Both children and the adults laughed the entire time. The content of the show was extremely appropriate for this age group. It took the children into another world of fun, laughter and enjoyment. Well done to you both. I thoroughly had a great time and my...

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Austral, NSW
Jan 21, 2015