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August 2016

It was great that you kept the children so engaged in the show the whole time!
We absolutely loved the show, thanks for coming.
We can't wait to have you back next year.
Date: 06 November 2016
By: Sandcastles - Evans Head
August 2016

I thought that the show was very entertaining, the children appeared to really enjoy it as they were really engaged during the whole show. It was really awesome to see the different tricks, the children appeared to really enjoy it. they also laughed a lot!! The children found it very funny. It was very entertaining for the children with the music and movement, bright colourful props, etc. We overall thought it was an awesome show and we hope to see you back in the future.
Date: 06 November 2016
By: Rainbow Station - Casino
August 2016

Thank you for coming to CVAS. Our students had an absolute ball!! They (K-2) loved the humour, circus bits and song/dance. Your enthusiasm and energy was infectious.
Thank you
Date: 06 November 2016
By: Clarence Valley Anglican School - Grafton
August 2016

Our children loved the show. We found Daisy and Wilma very funny and entertaining. The songs were very catchy and there was not even one single dull moment.
Date: 06 November 2016
By: Joey's Cottage Preschool - Chipping Norton
July 2016

* Very fun and age appropriate
* Children and staff enjoyed the show
* Children laughed the whole time
* Children made their own show after the Gigalees left
* Children loved dancing and dancing with the Gigalees at the end
Date: 06 November 2016
By: Golden Valley Children's Learning Centre
June 2016

The Sunshines (4-5's) loved it, they got the jokes and danced to the music and songs. The Big Trick kept them engaged and waiting.
The Rainbows (3-4's) were thoroughly engaged and enjoyed the comedy, the big stunts amazed the children and kept them excited and having fun.
The Cupids (2-3's) loved it. They all sat beautifully and watched with so much joy. They were very amused with all the tricks, dances and music.
Date: 06 November 2016
By: Pied Piper Raby
May 2016

The children and staff really enjoyed this show. It is the best show we have seen come out to our area. All our children want to be clowns now!!! Thankyou ladies you do a wonderful job and please book us in next time you are in the Lake Cargelligo area. Cheers Kristy.
Date: 25 October 2016
By: Lake Cargelligo
May 2016

Cherubs room said - Full of energy and very engaging for all children. The children displayed enjoyment through the whole performance.
Sunshines room said - Lots of laughs. We enjoyed all of the magic tricks and tricking each other. The Sunshines also enjoyed dancing and singing along.
Rainbows room said - Fantastic! Our children loved it Very engaging with movement and song to keep the children watching. Songs very catchy. Also funny for the 'grown-ups'.
Cupids room said - Fantastic, the children love it! I was surprised at how engaged the children were!!
Date: 25 October 2016
By: Pied Piper Blair Athol
May 2016

After speaking to the children we discovered they really enjoyed how "silly" and "funny the ladies were. They particularly liked the balloon creations and the juggling. We found it great that the children were actively encouraged to participate through dance and song. We found the humour was age appropriate, the children love a little bit of nonsense, fun and laughter. Thanks for being so animated and enjoyable!!
Date: 25 October 2016
By: Waratah Saplings
May 2016

Our students loved it. They enjoyed the circus acts and friendly actors. Thankyou for fitting us in.
Date: 25 October 2016
By: St Ignatius Bourke

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March 2017 The children really enjoyed the Gigalees show. The show was fun, full of energy and kept everyone entertained throughout the whole show. It was great to get all of the children up and involved too. Thanks

KU ANSTO Children's Centre Lucas Heights
Apr 12, 2017