1. Gig Gag ‘n’ Gobble


Gig gag ‘n’ gobble, wig wag ‘n’ wobble

Dance away your troubles all day and night.

Wilma’s the one with the glasses on

A great big smile having lots of fun

She’s so smart knows what to do

Playing her guitar for you.


Daisy is bubbly and bright

Watch her dance she’s out of sight

There’s no problem she can’t fix

See her do juggling tricks


We like to sing and dance around

To our groovy music sound

Gig gag and gobble show is here for you



2. Let’s Dance

Put your hands up in the air

And wave them like you just don’t care

Let’s dance, let’s dance

Put your hands on your side

And move your hips from left to right

Let’s dance, let’s dance.


Roll it to the left, roll it to the right

Roll it to the left, now stomp your feet.

Let’s dance, let’s dance.

Put your hands on your knees

And cross them over just like these

Let’s dance, let’s dance.

Put your hands above your pants

And do it like the chicken dance

Let’s dance, let’s dance.



3. Happy Chappy


I’m a happy chappy, I’m a happy chappy

I’m a happy chappy.

Happy chappy, never snappy.

Clap your hands with me.

I’m a happy chappy, with a smile

I do silly things in a happy style


I like to play guitar on my head

I like to juggle bananas in my bed


Happy chappy clap your hands

Happy chappy turn around

Happy chappy stomp your feet

Into the ground

I like to balance a fish on my nose

I like to play the piano with my toes



4. Cock-a-doodle-doo


Cock-a-doodle-doo goes the

rooster in the morning

Cock-a-doodle-doo goes the rooster at night

Cock-a-doodle-doo goes the rooster at lunch time

Rooster cock-a-doodles all day and night

I thought roosters only cock-a-doodled

in the morning

This one cock-a-doodles all day and night

When your asleep and its really quiet

Rooster cock-a-doodles and gives

you a fright


What does it mean when a rooster


Cock-a-doodle-doo means ‘Wake up kids’

But how do you sleep if a rooster


Block your ears and close your eyelids.




5. Swim with a Twist


Let’s all swim, let’s all shout

Do the twist and move about

Clap your hands above your head

From left to right

Put your hand out wiggle it

Its out of sight


Wave your hands from left to right

Two three four five

Turn around on the spot

Do the hand jive



6. Animal Walk


I, yi, yi, yi, yi

I like the way that the animals walk

Animal walk animal walk

I like the animal walk

I like an elephant and an emu too

I like a chicken and a kangaroo


I like a hopping frog and a lions bite

I like a chimpanzee and a bird in flight



7. Boogie

Wilma is my name, Fun is my game

People call me crazy, You can call me Daisy


Boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie boogaloo

Let’s boogie, boogie, boogie, boogie boogaloo

Get ready to move, boogaloo and groove

Come and join along to the boogaloo song



8. Jelly in my Belly


Jelly in my belly, jelly in my belly

Jelly in my belly goes

Wobble, wobble, wobble, wobble

I like jelly that’s green,

a ghouly monster mean

My tongue had never been this green

I like jelly that’s red, fire engine in a shed

Traffic lights are green instead of red


I like jelly that’s pink,

you know it makes me think

Of things that always blink at pink

I like rainbow jelly, goes gurgle in my belly

Its sugar sweet and smelly is jelly



9. Mr McTubbish

Mr McTubbish had lots of rubbish

Didn’t know what to do.

He picked up a pile and with a big smile he…


Threw it out the window, the window

The second story window

With a heave and a hoe and a

great big throw

He threw it out the window

Along came the ranger, sensing the danger

To the environment

He told old McTubbish

"recycle your rubbish" DON’T


So when you have rubbish like 

Mr  McTubbish

Remember to separate

Your bottles and cardboard,

paper and plastic DON’T



10. Hop Bop Boogaloo

We’d like to sing a song

Hope you will sing along

You can sing most anything

Open your mouth and let it ring


Hop bop boogaloo, Hop bop boogaloo

Hop - bop - boogaloo

Let’s sing a song today

In all different ways

It might take a while

Boogaloo in opera style


Let’s try something new

Something hip and something cool

A drum beat, a backward cap

Listen to the boogaloo rap

RAP: Hop bop boogaloo

This is what we’re gonna do

Clap, rap, spin on your back

The boogaloo beat is big on the street

You can’t go wrong with the boogaloo song

Now that we’ve rapped in style

Opera might take a while

Its time to sing this song

Rock and roll you can’t go wrong



11. Tap to the Beat


Music makes me tap to the beat

Music makes me move my feet

Music makes me swing my arms

Clap to the beat, clap to the beat

Put your hands above your head

Shake them shake them like I said

Put your hands way down low

Swing like a monkey to and fro

Swing like a monkey to and from


Put your hands out to the side

Shake them shake them wave goodbye

Point your hands just like me

Slide like a snake all slithery

Slide like a snake all slithery 


12. Feet


Feet feet feet Feet feet feet

There are so many things you can do

With your feet

You can run and you can walk

Tap to the beat

Smelly toes gives me a runny nose

Keep them away from me


Some toes are thin and Some toes are thick

Some feet move slow and

Some feet move quick

Stomp your feet when your angry

Run around real quick


Left feet right feet

Forward feet back feet

Thin feet fat feet round feet flat feet


Some feet point outwards

Some feet point in

Your toes can wiggle and make you grin

Pick your foot up and tickle it

Try and touch your chin



13. Juggle

Daisy juggles one ball watch her go

Wilma juggles 2 balls watch her throw

Daisy juggles 3 balls in a row

One ball two ball three ball throw

We can juggle four balls if we try

We can juggle five balls

(no way jose)

We can juggle six balls watch them fly

Way up high way up high


6-5-4-3-2-1 COOL


14. Jack the Duck

There was a duck his name is Jack

He’s the leader of the pack

He wears cool shades everyday

C’mon Jack, walk this way

Let’s hear you quack, c’mon Jack

Let’s hear you quack

One day Jack was in the pond

Could you guess who came along

Another duck called Lizzy White

When they met it was love at first sight

So happy Jack let out a quack

He’s in love

Hey Jack give us a quack, C’mon and

Hey Jack give us a quack, C’mon and

Hey Jack give us a quack, C’mon and

Hey Jack give us a quack, C’mon and

So happy Jack let out a quack

He’s in love

One day in the middle of spring

Lizzy White had seven ducklings

Three were white four were black

Jacks so happy he let out a quack

Daddy Jack give us a quack, c’mon and

Daddy Jack give us a quack, c’mon and

Daddy Jack give us a quack, c’mon and

Daddy Jack give us a quack, c’mon and

So daddy Jack let out a quack

He’s in love 


15. Boogie Jamboree

C’mon clap your hands with me

Doing the boogie jamboree

Clap your hands down to the floor

Shake them to the sky

Ready for more


C’mon shake your tail with me

Doing the boogie jamboree

Clap your hands let’s go

Jump around to and fro

Do the boogie step with me

Ready for the jamboree


Hands on your knees

Get right down

Ready to jump and shout

C’mon clap your hands once more

Jumping to and fro like before

Try the boogie step again

And boogie and boogie

Till the end





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August 2016 Thank you for coming to CVAS. Our students had an absolute ball!! They (K-2) loved the humour, circus bits and song/dance. Your enthusiasm and energy was infectious. TOP EFFORT! Thank you

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Nov 06, 2016