For over a decade The Gigalees have been performing their Crazy Comedy for kids in theatres, clubs, shopping centres, festivals and preschools across Australia and the world!

The Gigalees have toured with big international names like “Barney” the American Dinosaur and the British Superhero Car “Brum” and in 2009 won an award for "Best Kids' Show" at Comedy@Trades for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2009. In the same year The Gigalees performed to sell out crowds at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2009, the largest festival in the WORLD! In 2010 the Gigalees once again sold out shows at both the Melbourne & Sydney Comedy Festivals and in 2011 had their Tamworth Country Music Festival debut & Adelaide Fringe debut to sellout crowds.

Wilma and Daisy are two of the most experienced children’s entertainers in the country. Someone once described The Gigalees as 'Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis for kids' because the energy and humour of Wilma and Daisy was and is so infectious. Kids of all ages (even the big adult type kids) cannot help but laugh out loud and get drawn into the world of The Gigalees. Wilma and Daisy are the best of friends. They play lots of games and no one is ever left out.

Just like 'Dean & Jerry', The Gigalees are very physical in their humour. They have brought back vaudeville comedy for kids, the likes of which children have not seen for many years if at all. We all like to see people fall over, pick themselves up, dust themselves off and have a huge laugh about it!

Mixed in with this bag of energetic humour are many other skills. Daisy is a trained acrobat and together with Wilma, they share fantastically funny and skilled juggling with their audiences.  Since 1997, when The Gigalees wrote and recorded their first album, music has also been a part of The Gigalees mixture. Their music is as energetic, entertaining and funny in their live performances as it is on their album.

The performers, Wilma and Daisy, have a long history in performing. From circus to theatre, school shows to music education, The Gigalees know how to have fun and entertain the youngest of audiences. The Gigalees aren't just another show for kids, they are an experience you'll want to experience again and again.



In 1995, Gwendolen Trimboli and Tiffany Mulcahy started the Gig Gag 'n' Gobble Productions company and began performing the Gig Gag ‘n’ Gobble Show in Melbourne. Within 6 months their show, which was a mixture of comedy slapstick, acrobatics, juggling and music, was in demand at such major events like The Royal Melbourne Show, Kidz Day Out and Brunswick Music Festival. Within 2 years theGig Gag ’n’ Gobble Show had become one of the most popular kid's shows in Victoria.In 1998 Gwen and Tiffany changed their company name to Gigalees Productions, had a costume character designed for them (Jack the Duck) and moved back home to Sydney with their sights set on touring Australia. By February 1999 their new show The Gigalees had a 12 month touring contract as the support act to “Barney” the American  dinosaur.


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In 2000 The Gigalees performed for a short period of time at SEGA WORLD Sydney. In 2001 as well as performing, Gigalees Productions began creating and producing the kids TV series 'Tops TV'.

After taking a 3 year break from performing, they joined forces yet again to bring Wilma & Daisy back to the stage. Within 6 months of being back on the performance scene, Gigalees Productions were asked to co-write a kids show involving their characters Wilma and Daisy and the British Superhero Super car "Brum". In July 2004 the show "Brum and the Gigalees hit the Big Town Circus" began touring to sell out crowds in NSW and ACT. This touring took them into 2005, covering QLD and Western Australia. In 2009 The Gigalees won the "Best Kids' Show" award at Comedy@Trades for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and in their international debut, were a huge hit, performing to sell out crowds at the worlds largest festival, the 2009 Edinburgh
Fringe Festival.

Since then, the Gigalees have performed at two Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, two Sydney Comedy Festivals, the Adelaide Fringe, the Tamworth Country Music Festival and the International Floriade NiteFest amoungst touring the country and performing to thousands upon thousands of belly laughing youngsters.




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The Stage UK - Brian G Cooper

Gilded Balloon Teviot - Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Multi-talented young Australians Gwen Trimboli and Tiffany Mulcahy bring their children’s comedy show from touring and television down under to a rollicking fringe debut.

As the ever-bouncy, cleverly-paired characters Daisy and Wilma, in multi-coloured costumes and rainbow socks and with a gaudy array of mini-circus props, they present a fast-moving – but not too fast-moving – family fun show which always greatly amuses, delights and engrosses even the very youngest in the audience. Both are adept jugglers with balls and clubs and their solo and duo juggling acts are engagingly accompanied by comic patter and slapstick action, and even one acrobatic sequence. Making animal shapes from balloons is another rapid forte, involving children on stage.


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November 2016 Your show was dynamic, funny and interactive. The children were very engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the show. They especially enjoyed Wilma when she was asleep. The children were practising juggling at break time. Thanks for a great, fun show.

Hazelbrook Public School
Dec 06, 2016